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Best Pricing and Proudly providing Northeast Ohio with professional Real Estate Photography, Landscape Photography, Graduation Outdoor Portraits, Automobiles and just about anything photography related.

Sorry we do not currently offer Wedding Photography due to COVID 19.

We service most Ohio location from Cleveland to New Philadelphia. Contact us for a free quote.

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Selling your home or need specialty shots done for Multiple Listing Services? Why not showcase your home and get volume traffic and sell your home in a bidding war! Don't settle for fisheye GoPro images or photos taken with a cell phone.
Imaging your family sitting near a local waterfall, pictures of your favorite Dog, Cat, Horses, cows or any other animal, we do it all. Have a car you want to showcase for sale? Make it look better than any dealer can do! How about an evening with your sweetie so she or he can brag to their friends about how much you love her or him?
One last thing, cheap is never good but least expensive never hurt anyone. We keep our overhead low and pass the savings to you. Why throw away money you don’t need to? Get a quote today and see how we can make you look amazing and create those special occasion memories.

More about me:

I have been taking photos since the film days. Several years ago, I came back to digital and lost interest. Now I am back, enjoying some of my favorite memories of the past current and many to come of the future. My primary focus is nature and wildlife, flowers, animals, bird’s, waterfalls and structures are all key components of my canvas. Of course, I have a broad array and basically anything which captures my eye will soon be captured forever.

Most of my travels are throughout the Ohio area and neighboring states, where I make my home. I have learned that there is a little beauty in everything living and material made, and realizing life is too short to miss the simple things that might attract the eye. I have also found an added respect for nature, wildlife and its surroundings where I try to spend most of my free time.

My primary format is Digital and my favorite Camera is My Canon 5D Mark IV. I believe digital is a more "user friendly" format and allows you to take a multitude of pictured at different apertures, speed and multitudes of F/Stops and ISO's. I am experienced in Photoshop, Lightroom and many other digital darkroom programs. I rarely alter my images other than to crop for framing purposes. I feel that what the camera sees, is what is intended to share.
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